How MIS ensures Quality
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When Made in Studios meet the Money Maker Show!
COVID19 Tracker - Vaccine Tracker

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How MIS ensures Quality

Quant articles | Izzy - 21/04/2022

How MIS ensures Quality   Our Panel Members must complete a triple opt in process, but what does that actually mean? ‘qua... READ MORE ❯❯

Channel 4

When Made in Studios meet the Money Maker Show!

Qual articles | Romain - 09/06/2021

The show: When Entrepreneur Eric Collins visits Winny’s Meals in Birmingham for the Money Maker show, where else to hold a focus group to put the cu... READ MORE ❯❯


COVID19 Tracker - Vaccine Tracker

This week's focus | Romain - 14/04/2021

The visuals from our COVID19 Tracker. You'll find below all the visuals we have published from our Covid19 Tracker. You can regi... READ MORE ❯❯


Made in Studios during Covid

Qual articles | Romain - 19/11/2020

The Made in Studios teams are delighted to inform you that our studios in Birmingham have all necessary measures for safe research. So that we c... READ MORE ❯❯


MRS x AQR - Recruiter Accreditation Scheme

Qual articles | Romain - 17/11/2020

Our team has been accredited! The Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) has been developed by the Market Research Society (MRS) and... READ MORE ❯❯