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Consulting and support

Consulting and support

Our experts guide you and facilitate the realisation of your project, whatever its type.

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

Send us a request for quotation to find out more about our prices.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

Our platforms and tools are developed in-house by our programmers based in Lille, France.

Fast results

Fast results

Quantitative or Qualitative, we do everything we can to meet your deadlines, ensuring customer satisfaction.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Data we collect remain in France and we have implemented appropriate measures to guarantee their confidentiality.

Our dedicated services

To support all your Quant and Qual projects

Made In Surveys Made In Surveys

Do you want to conduct a Quant study ?

Made in Surveys is our Quant service that offers 3 reliable solutions to help you manage your quantitative projects:

Full Service · Sample Only · DIY Survey Solution

Whatever solution you choose, our triple opt-in panel of over 1,500,000 members will be ready and available to take part.

Made In Studios Made In Studios

Do you want to conduct a Qual study ?

Made in Studios is our Qual service that guides you through every step of your qualitatives surveys using our trusted solutions: Recruitment (in the UK, France and Italy), facilities (Birmingham, Paris, Lille, Lyon) et Online Qual solutions (On-Qual visio and platform).

Qualitative Recruitment · Facilities · Online Qual

Panelabs Panelabs

Are you a researcher / academic ?

Panelabs is a service built by our Academic Research specialists to help teachers, researchers and PhD students empower the insights of their research by providing them with high quality quantitative data.

With Panelabs, we have put together an expertise in academic research and became a trustful partner for more than 170 Universities, schools, institutes and labs.

+40 countries
1,5 M panellists
30 owned websites
+ 800 clients
51 collaborators