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The quality question: how to use it? 

Quant articles | Romain - 24/03/2020

The quality question: how to use it?    The quality question: what is it used for?  At Made in Surveys, we use quality questions to ensure the data coll... READ MORE ❯❯


Participants, lets discuss “Quality”?

Qual articles | Romain - 24/03/2020

Participants, lets discuss “Quality”? It may seem trivial to associate the words “participants” and “quality” when it comes to qualitative studies, but th... READ MORE ❯❯


Participant Honesty: A Collaborative Approach

Qual articles | Romain - 12/11/2018

[Published in AQR InBrief: November 2018 edition]   “What is the biggest threat to the integrity of your research data?” 39% of the Market Research prof... READ MORE ❯❯