Do you think the UK Government should or should not put a ban on staff using TikTok on work phones or electronic devices?

votes1,482 votes - 16/03/2023
Should ban it
Should not ban it
Don’t Know/Unsure

1,482 UK respondents (16/03/2023)

Would you feel happy or unhappy if Boris Johnson returned as prime minister?

votes2,090 votes - 08/03/2023
  • 7.6
    Very happy
  • 12.7
    Fairly happy
  • 18.4
    Neither happy nor unhappy
  • 10.1
    Fairly unhappy
  • 47.8
    Very unhappy
  • 3.4
    Don't know/unsure

2,090 UK respondents (08/03/2023)

When shopping for clothes online, do you prefer to see outfits modelled by people who are considered very attractive by societal beauty standards or people who look more ordinary?

votes1,524 votes - 02/03/2023
Ordinary looking
Don’t Know/Unsure/I don't care
N/A - I don't shop for clothes online

1,524 UK respondents (02/03/2023)

Have you personally noticed or experienced any food shortages in your local shop or supermarket in the last few weeks?

votes1,479 votes - 26/02/2023
  • 70.3
    I have
  • 24.1
    I have not
  • 4.1
    Don’t Know/Unsure
  • 1.5
    N/A I’m not responsible for food shopping

1,479 UK respondents (26/02/2023)

When it comes to a new TV season of a show you like, do you prefer to watch one episode a week or to ‘binge watch’ i.e. watch multiple/all episodes in extended sittings?

votes1,791 votes - 17/02/2023
  • 35.2
    I prefer to watch one episode a week
  • 58.0
    I prefer to binge watch
  • 6.8
    Don’t Know/Unsure

1,791 UK respondents (17/02/2023)

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