Do you think the size of food that fast food restaurants use in their advertising is or is not an accurate reflection of the size of the food you receive in an order?

votes1,678 votes - 18/09/2023
Is an accurate reflection
Is not an accurate reflection
Don’t Know/Unsure

1,678 UK respondents (18/09/2023)

Would you support or oppose fitting migrants who cannot be housed in detention centres with electronic GPS tags?

votes1,382 votes - 13/09/2023
Strongly support
Somewhat support
Somewhat oppose
Strongly oppose
Don't know/Unsure

1,382 UK respondents (13/09/2023)

Do you think young people in Britain today are more likely to do better in life if they stay in the UK, or if they move abroad?

votes1,552 votes - 06/09/2023
  • 12.8
    Will do better in the UK
  • 37.6
    Will do better abroad
  • 33.8
    About the same either way
  • 15.9
    Don't know/unsure

1,552 UK respondents (06/09/2023)

Would you support or oppose a legal right to work from home for those whose jobs can be done from home?

votes1,632 votes - 04/09/2023
Strongly support
Somewhat support
Somewhat oppose
Strongly oppose
Don't know/Unsure

1,632 UK respondents (27/08/2023)

How much impact, if any, do you think adding inserts to cigarette packets that contain messages urging smokers to quit, including setting out the health and financial benefits of giving up and signposting advice and support for those wanting to do so, would have on making people quit smoking?

votes1,585 votes - 01/09/2023
  • 5.2
    A great deal of impact
  • 13.3
    A fair amount of impact
  • 44.5
    Not very much impact
  • 30.8
    No impact at all
  • 6.2
    Don't know/Unsure

1,585 UK respondents (01/09/2023)

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